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Sartoria Fiorella: Excellence of Made in Italy



Today it is with great honor that I present Fiorella. A visit to his atelier Corso Como 9, a treasure of wish for make the dress of your dreams, yes, a dress that its hand made on you. Fiorella, overwhelms me with his energy, his sunny disposition, his enthusiasm is contagious to you.

One look and a few moments to understand the passion that animates it, his dedication to the work done three days a week in the laboratory of Jesi, where is the production and then to Milan and then many expansion plans and many ideas, such as the recent return from the trip to Oman. Unstoppable Fiorella. There is an air of Made in Italy, the timeless style of dresses for women and for men, evergreen, made ​​by a passion for beautiful things, the ability ‘of expert hands and listening to each sensitive personality.

For each piece is dedicated a unique time for design to packaging, the choice of fabrics to finishing by hand, each model is discussed with attention to every detail. The style of tailoring is characterized by timeless beauty and practicality. Classic shapes revisited by innovative improvements and technological fabrics that suggest new interpretations of timeless elegance.

The exclusivity of Fiorella lies in the creation of unique clothes expression of his creative and artistic sensibility to fit women and men who want to express freedom and creativity with its own style, its own personality, its own character. This is a hallmark in a world that is increasingly standardized and approved.

But the creative flow of Fiorella does not stop there. The Sartoria also offers its own line, always attentive to the needs, the quality of the fabrics and offered in a few models, but in a wide range of sizes. My favorite item is the coat “Model Rome” made ​​shades in three colors blue, burgundy, brown. I wear it and feel it now, my lights me up. patterns are so many to describe them. Really worth a visit Atelier 9 in Corso Como, Milan. Please contact me I will be glad to let you know Fiorella and his “works of art”. It is not an exaggeration, because Fiorella is defined as follows:

Craftswoman. “Craftsmanship is an expression of art. Art, Artist, Craftsman have the common root of the word. That’s how I like to think of my role as a seamstress. Craftswoman, an artist, a woman who creates beauty “.

Fiorella Ciaboco is a True Witness of Excellence Italian that all over the world envies us and I will be fair to take you to his studio.

What are you waiting, pleasecontact me. Now you can be a different  woman.




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Cool Hunter Italy – Private Sale


SATURDAY 20TH SEPTEMBER 2014                       2.OO PM – 9.30PM

The Milano Fashion Week Spring / Summer 2015 is in full swing. Milan is in the ferment of creativity, of the fashion, of the events of the most famous fashion designers and the world of Fashion.

Milan is the queen of Made in Italy and a point of start for new talents. COOL HUNTER Italy is dedicated to that. It is a cultural association that works for the business development of young fashion designers Made in Italy, who are offered a counseling service structured on three main areas: production with Italian product consultation, cost analysis and research of the suppliers; commercial distribution through the online catalog of the association and affiliated stores, communication activities in favor of the brand associated with promotion through the website of the Association, web marketing campaigns and participation in trade fairs.

Basic requirements for entry to the association are: chronological age up to 35 years and the presentation of a clothing brand “Made in Italy”.

With the purposes described above, Cool Hunter Italy organized a exclusive sale on Saturday, September 20th where you can buy beautiful creations of young designers, members of the association.

To participate you must print and bring with them the invitation downloaded at the following link PRIVATE SALE. 

invito Private Sale

Here are just some of the names of young fashion designers present:

– Ada di Vincenzo

– Akiba

– Alessia Tonolo

– Alice Tamburini

– Carla Caroli

– Delià

– Francesca  Fontana

The list is long, you can expect to see and purchase these magnificent collections of young talent.

You will be proud to have acquired unique handmade pieces and rigorously Made in Italy.

Private Sale:

Saturday, 20 September 14-21.30

Via Vigevano 41-20143 Milan

See you on Saturday!

Contact me for more details.

Arianna Denti