Be Convertible Made in Italy.


Be Convertible Bag –Excellence of Made in Italy.

Camilla, a young entrepreneur and founder of the brand Be Convertible is a testimonial of Excellence Italian and Exclusivity of the Made in Italy that the world envies us, with her bags that fully embody the concept of Uniqueness.
I met her  in The Atelier located in via Molino delle Armi 13, in Milan. I am fascinated by her enthusiasm, her energy and passion in telling her creations: not simple bags but unique and customized to the tastes and needs of each of us.
BeConvertible born with CiBag and WeBag, two bags made of leather and Tuscan vegetable tanning. Through a system of internal buttons, patented and true conceptual essence of the brand, the bags of Camilla born completely modular as especially convertibles.
The handles are the true soul of each bag, customizable and interchangeable according to the mood, the season, the opportunities that each of us faces.
I remain astonished, not just a bag but an indispensable accessory, versatile, elegant or sporty that becomes part of our life, done with care, wisdom, craftsmanship, quality of materials.

All rigorously Made in Italy.
You can have fun to create your bag using the simple configurator on the site
My advice would be to visit the Atelier, to see live these small works of art and craftsmanship. I’m sure you will be affected and you will become trust to the motto Be Convertible, never again without !
Contact me to book a visit to Atelier and discover the precious models or tissues to create Your CiBag.
BeConvertible -Proud to Be Italian -Only 100% Made in Italy.

We Wait For You!
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